Letters of Appreciation
From Foster Care Agencies

For 25 years our organization has provided services on cases where foster care agencies have been unable to locate a foster child's relatives. We are very proud of the letters we have received from various agencies, non-profits and law firms thanking us for our work and, more importantly, our foster children success.

Each time we locate family members for a foster child, the agency can start the process to move the child out of foster care. The best outcome is for the child to be placed with relatives because everyone in the system understands that foster care was never meant to replace the care and love that a child receives from their own family members.

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Arlington, Texas

foster teenagers McDowell County North Carolina

Browder Overby, P.A.
King, North Carolina

foster teenagers Browder Overby Stokes County North Carolina

Seneca Center
San Leandro, California

foster teens

Children & Youth Services
County of Berks, Pennsylvania

foster teens

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Amarillo, Texas

foster teenagers

CASA of Travis County
Austin, Texas

foster teens

Chester County Department of Child, Youth and Families
West Chester, Pennsylvania

foster teens

McDowell County Department of Social Services
Marion, North Carolina

foster teenagers McDowell County North Carolina

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
Fort Worth, Texas

foster teenagers

Durham County Department of Social Services
Durham, North Carolina

foster teens san diego

Casa Pacifica Centers for Children & Families
Camarillo, California

foster teens


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Foster Children:
The Challenges to Getting Them Out of Foster Care

Foster Child report reveals:

  • How children come into the U.S. foster care system

  • The terrible future foster teens face when they "age out"

  • Why it's so important to locate their relatives and more.


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