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Listen as Richard Villasana, founder of Find Families In Mexico, talks about foster children issues, the ways to get foster kids into real, forever homes to build families and build communities.

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Richard with Radio Host Jack Warren

Jack Warren at San Diego’s Finest Business Radio interviews Richard Villasana about foster children. Jack has recently been quoted and published on ICNN, KUSI TV, KFMB TV, Wall Street Select, KCBQ and 200+ other major media sites. The show aired Dec. 8, 2014 on 100.7 Jack FM in San Diego, California. You can see more about the show and the segment about foster youth in San Diego and the country.

Foster Children Articles

Below are articles written about the issues affecting foster children and the success of our services. These stories have been carried in newspapers and Internet news sites around the world.

Perks for a tiny teddy - Teddy Bear Times Magazine (U.K.)

Bullying: The Hidden Harassment of Foster Children - Foster Focus Magazine

Family Finding Across the Border in Mexico - Foster Focus Magazine

Demystifying Family Finding for Foster Children - Foster Focus Magazine

Family Finding: An Effective Answer, Ignored - Foster Focus Magazine

Family Finding Specialists and CPS, Disconnected - Foster Focus Magazine

Reúne Niños y Niñas con Familias (Reduce Suffering - Reunite Foster Children with Family) - Casa Familiar Borders/Fronteras Monthly Edition

Sitio de Internet Ofrece Ayuda para Encontrar Familiares o Amigos en México - Emol (Chile)

foster children California

foster children California

Changing lives of children in foster care

foster teens

foster teens

foster teenagers

foster teenagers

foster children

MSN article by EFE, world's largest Spanish media company

This particular article has received more than 4,378 comments from people wanting help to find their family members in Mexico.

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Finding Families In Mexico via the Web
El Siglo de Torreón (Mexico)

foster kids

Find Relatives In Mexico profiled in
El País (Spain)

foster kids

Family finding
Read about little girl reunited with her birth father... more.



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Reunite a foster child with family. Family finding

Foster Children:
The Challenges to Getting Them Out of Foster Care

Foster Child report reveals:

  • How children come into the U.S. foster care system

  • The terrible future foster teens face when they "age out"

  • Why it's so important to locate their relatives and more.

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