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Our Vision: For all U.S. foster children to have a permanent home.

Our Mission: To make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of foster children.

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Why U.S. Foster Care Agencies Need Help

You may be thinking that it's so easy to find someone in the U.S. and you would be right.

However, nearly 85% of personal information on Mexican residents is not available online.

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Much of the available data is limited to secondary information, such as birth and marriage records, and not current listings with names, addresses and phone numbers. IF agencies don't have access to this information, relatives cannot be found.

Serving U.S. Foster Children for 20 Years

With 20 years of experience, we have assisted more than 6,500 families to be reunited with their relatives. Agencies we work with include:

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Our Organization

Find Families In Mexico (FFIM) believes all U.S. foster children deserve to live happy, healthy lives in a permanent home. When relatives live outside the U.S., we believe in challenging the family-finding status quo. By identifying and locating their family members, we become the catalyst to change the lives of U.S. foster children.

Find Families In Mexico specializes in performing family finding for U.S. agencies seeking to locate the biological relatives of foster children. Family Finding is the process of identifying, locating and notifying adult family members. This ensures that where possible, each foster child has at the very least a connection with their blood relatives. In the best of cases, relatives are found who will take in the child and give him/her a permanent, stable home.

Articles About and By Find Families In Mexico

Click here to see articles that have been written about finding family members, the foster care system and our successes. These articles have been carried in newspapers, magazines and Internet sites around the world such as:

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Together We Are the Solution

The bottom line is that you and your support make it possible for us to provide this service to find these relatives so foster children can move out of foster care and into a permanent home. If you have ever wanted to help a child, now is your chance. Contribute now to make a lasting, positive impact on the life of a foster child.

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Reunite a foster child with family. Family finding

Foster Children:
The Challenges to Getting Them Out of Foster Care

Foster Child report reveals:

  • How children come into the U.S. foster care system

  • The terrible future foster teens face when they "age out"

  • Why it's so important to locate their relatives and more.

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