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About Richard Villasana and Find Families In Mexico

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Richard Villasana is an international authority on making a positive, lasting impact on the lives of U.S. foster children and founder of Find Families In Mexico.

Short Bio

Richard Villasana, founder of Forever Homes for Foster Kids, is a leading international authority on immigration issues and foster families. A proud Navy veteran, Richard has been featured on CNN International, Univision, AP News, ABC TV, Costco Connections, Washington Post, and EFE, the world’s largest Spanish language media company. He is a columnist with Foster Focus Magazine and an international speaker. He was honored as a California Hero. He has also translated for the United Nations. For 25 years, his non-profit has worked with government agencies across the country to find families for immigrant and foster children to create a permanent home. For more information, email

Long Bio

Richard Villasana, a proud Navy veteran, is a leading international authority on immigration issues and foster families.

Richard is a published author and international speaker. A monthly columnist for Foster Focus Magazine, he has been featured on CNN International, Univision, ABC TV, in U.S. magazines (Costco Connections, Foster Focus Magazine) and newspapers (AP News, Washington Post), in newspapers and magazines in Europe and Latin America and online about his expertise in locating family members. He has been interviewed on radio and by EFE, the world's largest Spanish media company. He is the founder of Forever Homes for Foster Kids. For 25 years, the organization has worked with government agencies across the country to reunite immigrant and foster children with their families.

Richard has helped more than 10,000 families find their relatives in the U.S. Mexico and other countries in Latin America. He has spent 25 years working with Mexico and Latin America. Richard was a university professor at UABC, Tijuana, B.C. and has given presentations at some of Mexico’s largest institutions, associations and corporations such as Plantronics and ThermoFisher.

Richard was honored as a California Hero. He has also translated for the United Nations.

"I could talk about the organization, but the most important part of this is the heart-warming (and heart-wrenching) cases and the messages from immigrant and foster children who so desperately want to find their birth parent. Reconnecting one of these kids is incredible."

Richard says, "While I was working internationally in Mexico, I learned I had a real talent for finding key government officials in Mexico for U.S. and foreign clients. Then some associates started to ask me to find their relatives: a brother, cousin, or an aunt. It was so exciting when I found someone's missing sister or birth father. The emails of thanks made my week."

"My biggest vice is Dr. Pepper. I can be talked into a lot of things with offers of a great hamburger pizza. I love traveling and a good hike. I'm a night owl. Fortunately, my wife of 18 years doesn't get concerned when I'm working at 3:00am because she knows my work results in more foster youth being reconnected with their families."

The Find Families In Mexico Story

Our Mission
Find Families In Mexico strives to make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of foster children. We work tirelessly to find relatives of foster youth in the United States, Mexico and Latin America with the goal of placing foster youth in permanent and caring homes. For 25 years, we have worked with agencies such as CASA, Casey Family Programs and Seneca Center to help reunite foster youth with their relatives.

Permanent Homes for Foster Youth
Currently, 47% of foster youths are placed in out-of-home foster care, without relatives. Research shows that when foster youth are placed with relatives, they have better educational outcomes, less risky behaviors and higher employment rates. By locating relatives for youths, we can improve the life outcomes for thousands of foster children.

Find Families In Mexico has a proven track record of experience working successfully with agencies in many states including California, Texas, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. In these states, we have helped government agencies successfully locate and place numerous foster youth with their relatives.

Foster Youth Underserved
Many foster youths remain in foster care for several years and age out of the system because agencies are ill-equipped or understaffed to locate relatives. During their time in foster care, 30% of foster youth have lived with eight or more different families and 65% experienced seven or more school changes.

It is no surprise then that depending on the area, as much as 46% of foster youths will not graduate from high school. By connecting these youth with relatives who can provide stable, loving care, we will give these children opportunities to succeed in school and life.

Proven Results
Find Families In Mexico is the leading international organization for getting U.S. foster children into permanent homes. For 25 years, Find Families In Mexico has successfully located family members of foster children when government agencies have failed to do so.

Roughly seventy percent of our cases result in locating a parent, aunt, grandparent or other adult family members living in the U.S. Foster care agencies are then able to notify these relatives. This ensures that where possible, each foster child has at the very least a connection with their blood relatives. In the best of cases, relatives are found who will take in the child and give him/her a permanent, stable home. The numerous letters of appreciation we receive from families, foster youth and agencies speak to the impact we have made on the lives of foster children in the U.S.

If you have any questions, please contact Richard Villasana at 858-368-9700 or


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